Welcome to The Runecasters!

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Hello Rune Warriors!

A while ago I saw a video of the fine folks at Team Covenant demonstrating Runewars: The Miniatures Game at GenCon.  I can’t lie and say I was instantly hooked, but I can say my interest was peaked.  A rank and file miniatures skirmish game that came in trays rather than having to manage individual models seemed intriguing to me.  Better still was the presentation of the models.

As I started talking to my Armada group about it my friend Josh seemed really interested as well.  We looked around the forums and noticed some excitement, and thought with their own IP and a solid idea for a game Fantasy Flight looks like they have another hit on their hands.

In our growing excitement we decided to make this podcast and dedicate it to Runewars: the Miniatures Game.  While this will not prevent us from talking about other games from time to time, I will tell you that we are committed to focus on Runewars.

We are really excited for this game, and how we can use this podcast to help grow the community.  I really look forward to our future episodes, and I think we have some real treats planned.  Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated, and above all please do enjoy our podcast!