Episode 1: The Phantom GenCon Video

Episode 2: Attack of the News!

Episode 3: Revenge of the Elves

Episode 4: A Painting Hope

Episode 5: The Battle Report Strikes Back

Episode 6: The Return of the Reviews

Episode 7: The Uthuk Awaken

Episode 8: The Last Tournament

Episode 9: Interview One

Episode 10: The Elves, the Bad, and the Ugly

Episode 11: Raging Worlds

Episode 12: The Wrath of Ravos

Episode 13: Hard Luck and Visored Helms

Episode 14: The Apology War

Episode 15: First Blood (Finally)

Episode 16: The Shape of Infantry

Episode 17: Don’t Look an Oathsworn in the Mouth

Episode 18: E-Mails From the Edge

Episode 19: Ready Golem One

Episode 20: A Scout’s Guide to Wraiths

Episode 21: Lay of the Land of the Lost

Episode 22: The Desolation of Berserkers

Episode 23: The Incredible Vorun’Thul

Episode 24: Threat Level Zachareth

Episode 25: Kari: A Champions Story

Episode 26: Th’Uk Tar

Episode 27: GenCon Hype Show!

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