Comic Quest Regional report (finally!)

The second and final SoCal Regional event.

Saturday, July 28th was my final Regional of the season here in Southern California. Comic Quest in Lake Forest was the host, and they did a great job. We had four people show up to the event. I’ve outlined the players and their lists below.

Gabriel (me)
Carrion Lancers, 6 trays [68]
– Combat Ingenuity [6]
– Master-Crafted Weapons [4]
Reanimates, 6 trays [35]
– Trumpets [2]
– Profane Banner Bearer [5]
– Dispatch Runner [7]
Reanimate Archers, 6 trays [45]
– Close Quarters Targeting [3]
– Tempered Steel [3]
– Raven Standard Bearer [3]
Carrion Lancers, 1 tray [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]

Ravos the Everhungry [47]
– Insatiable Hunger [3]
– Viscera Goblet [7]
Spined Threshers, 2 trays [28]
– Scuttling Horror [3]
Spined Threshers, 2 trays [28]
– Devouring Maws
Spined Threshers, 2 trays [28]
Flesh Rippers, 2 trays [22]
Flesh Rippers, 4 trays [38]

Spined Threshers, 6 trays [72]
– Scuttling Horror [3]
– Wind Rune [6]
Spined Threshers, 2 trays [28]
– Scuttling Horror [3]
Spined Threshers, 2 trays [28]
– Scuttling Horror [3]
Berserkers, 6 trays [37]
– Warsprinter [3]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Aggressive Shrieker [5]

Death Knights, 4 trays [42]
– Reaping Blade [4]
Reanimates, 6 trays [35]
– Aggressive Drummer [5]
– Dispatch Runner [7]
Carrion Lancers, 2 trays [27]
– Rank Discipline [4]
Carrion Lancers, 2 trays [27]
– Rank Discipline [4]
Reanimate Archers, 2 trays [18]
– Rank Discipline [4]
Reanimate Archers, 2 trays [18]
– Rank Discipline [4]

First round ended up being Waiqar vs. Uthuk on both tables: Jesse vs. Garrett and Jason vs. me. The deployment was Meeting Engagement and the objective was Demoralize Their Forces.

We ended up with just two rocks for this game. I decided to hide in the rocks to prevent easy flanks. This worked fantastically except for one fatal flaw: I had inched my Reanimates up a little too far. This meant that when the Berserkers reformed and marched into the corner of my Carrion Lancers (a charge, thanks to Aggressive Shrieker), that they couldn’t square up because my Reanimates were in the way. If we were back a tray and a half, they would have squared up, and my Reanimates could have counter-charged.



I’m not even sure that it would have been better, because I needed to rally-skill every round at initiative 4 to give my Carrion Lancers a fighting chance. On the other hand, a single charge on the Berserkers would have done a lot to slow their damage, and Profane Banner Bearer would have kept the Carrion Lancers safe. Jason did say later that had he remembered that my Reanimates had Dispatch Runner, he would have had his Berserkers charge them instead, so maybe I did the right thing?

My single tray Carrion Lancer held off 2 trays of Spined Threshers for a bit, and my Reanimate Archers managed to take one tray off their opponent. The Carrion Lancers did some serious work, bringing the 6-tray Thresher unit down to a single tray.



But with both units of Carrion Lancers in the grave, it meant that we were wide open for flank charges. Bringing his total points from objective tokens to 60! That certainly did not help my cause. But moral victory: my Reanimates managed to slay all but 3 Berserkers, netting me full points for that unit.



In the end, Jason got 260 points, while I got 145, for a 9-2 victory for the Uthuk. If it were an objective that didn’t grant points, it could have been a 7-4, depending on if my opponent would have played differently. Oh, and later we realized that there must have been at least a couple rounds, maybe 3 or 4, where we counted the 6 trays Threshers as 3 threat instead of 4. Oops. I think I should banish any illusions that I could have done better.

On the other table, Jesse thought he had a good handle on things, but the Uthuk just didn’t seem to die, and kept on swinging hard. Garrett 217 vs Jesse 91 for another 9-2 victory for the demon army.

Round 2 was Uthuk vs Uthuk on the top table, while Waiqar had to battle it out in the lowly Mistlands. The deployment was Standoff and the objective was Volatile Runes.

I was really excited about this match because I knew I could use Profane Banner Bearer to better effect to protect my Carrion Lancers. My biggest fear was that they’d get blighted, so I wanted to draw fire away. But after setup, I realized that one of his Reanimate Archers units was way out in left field, while his other Archers could easily be handled by my single tray Carrion Lancer. So once again, Profane Banner Bearer was absolutely useless.

We got into combat on round 2, and it looked bad for the Carrion Lancers, flanked by Death Knights and confronted by opposing Carrion Lancers. The one gleaming bright spot was that the front two trays of his Death Knights were straddling an objective token, so he ended up losing 3 figures from my Reanimate Archers, and the 4th from his back rank due to the volatile runes at the end of the round. My Carrion Lancers decided to attack his Carrion Lancers – because rerolls and threat.

His Death Knights did get to be dispatched for a second attack before they lost rerolls, and again next round before they died, which was pretty miserable for me. Fortunately, we held onto the back rank by just a wound or two.



With those big threats out of the way, it was time to turn our attention to the left flank. I reformed my archers to prevent a flank charge from the enemy Carrion Lancers, while his Reanimates just fell short of a charge – and the objective token!



This made for an interesting conundrum: whoever charged first was going to take Volatile Runes damage. Well, he decided to take his chances, charging my Reanimate Archers. Unfortunately for me, that objective token was sticking out of the front just a bit, so when my Carrion Lancers charged and squared up, they were taking damage, too! But before they were able to charge, we had some problems. First, the stun from Dispatch Runner meant that my rally-march 3 was just a rally…which meant that when my Reanimates used Dispatch Runner, it had to go on my Reanimate Archers. Blech! They performed admirably, dealing a wound to the Carrion Lancers they were engaged with, but then they had the stun token canceling their surge. It wasn’t a great situation.

A great situation, however, was that when my Carrion Lancers did charge, they did 12 damage, taking off the back rank of Reanimates, and then 15 damage, which would have deleted the front row, but those skeletons had armored up. So it took 3 attacks, but still respectable.

When the dust settled, he only had a 2-tray Carrion Lancers and a 2-tray Reanimate Archers left, while I had the full 6-trays of Reanimates, my single tray Carrion Lancer, and 2 trays of my large worm unit. My 146 to Jesse’s 95 gave me a 7-4 victory.


Meanwhile, on the top tables, Uthuk were scuttling all over the place! There was death and carnage, and it looked like Garrett’s army was in dire straits…but just as in the first game, his demons held on, often by just one wound, allowing them to attack back with a vengeance. As the sounds of battle faded away, Garrett had destroyed 177 points to Jason’s 131, becoming the Regional Champion!



Final standings:

Garrett (Uthuk): 16
Jason (Uthuk): 13
Gabriel (Waiqar): 9
Jesse (Waiqar): 6



In addition to the trophy and cool swag, 1st place was awarded a gift certificate at the store, allowing Garrett to finally pick up that elusive Flesh Rippers Expansion (seriously, Texas, why can’t you keep those things on the shelf?)

Can anybody stand up to the Locust Swarm? I intend to find out, so keeping checking back for more updates from The Runecasters!

Gameology Store Championship

I couldn’t help but think how you couldn’t ask for more appropriate weather in Southern California to symbolize Waiqar’s march out of the Mistlands.

The clouds loomed gray in the sky as I approached the battlefield at Gameology.  A light rain was falling, and I couldn’t help but think how you couldn’t ask for more appropriate weather in Southern California to symbolize Waiqar’s march out of the Mistlands.  Five of us showed up to battle, consisting of two Waiqar armies, two Latari armies, and one Daqan army.

I had been giving a lot of thought to what I should bring to the tournament.  I knew that I wanted to stick with the 12 trays of Reanimates, but I needed something that could pick up tokens in Supply Raid, and something that could actually charge in Demoralize Their Forces, so I ended up with the following army.

Parakitor(Gabe’s) army:

Reanimates (12 tray) [64]
– Ardus Ix’Erebus [23]
– Aggressive Drummer [5]
– Lingering Dead [3]
TOTAL [95]
Reanimate Archers (2 trays) [18]
– Combat Ingenuity [6]
TOTAL [24]
Reanimate Archers (2 trays) [18]
– Combat Ingenuity [6]
TOTAL [24]
Carrion Lancers (1 tray) [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]
TOTAL [19]
Carrion Lancers (1 tray) [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]
TOTAL [19]
Carrion Lancers (1 tray) [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]
TOTAL [19]


This army has a really heavy hitter in the 12 tray block, throwing 2 red and 1 white dice. The Carrion Lancers can engage well with Rank Discipline, and the Archers can support them by raining blight down upon the enemy. Additionally, the Reanimates can borrow both the blight surge ability and the mortal strike surge ability from nearby friendlies.

Round 1

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Objective: Supply Raid

David’s army:

Aliana of Summersong [33] – Packleader’s Spear [8] – Ambush Predator [3] TOTAL [44]
Aymhelin Scions (4 trays) [42]
TOTAL [42]
Deepwood Archers (4 trays) [30]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Close Quarters Targeting [3]
– ?
TOTAL [39?]
Leonx Riders (3 trays) [24]
– Metered March [2]
– Moment of Inspiration [5]
TOTAL [31]
Leonx Riders (3 trays) [24]
– Metered March [2]
– Moment of Inspiration [5]
TOTAL [31]


Okay, so I’m pretty sure he was a lot closer to 200, but I have no idea what else he had because he never used it.  His Aymhelin Scions had no upgrades, so it must have been his Deepwood Archers that were decked out because there are no other slots open in these unit configurations.

Photo 2

All units were poised to grab some supplies, including the Reanimates who got two objective tokens in their first march.  The only problem is, my Reanimate Archers bumped into the back of them, so we couldn’t Reform as I originally planned, and that hung me up for an extra round.

Early on we each got 4 objective tokens.  Then it was a matter of beating the pulp out of each other to steal supplies.  I managed to fell his trees when my Reanimates came around, and the Carrion Lancer picked up their token.

Photo 6

In the photo above, you can see that my Reanimate Archers survived a Leonx onslaught with just one figure, providing enough time for my Reanimates to come after the cats once the trees were gone.  Unfortunately, the Deepwood Archers escaped with 2 tokens.  In the end they had just 1 figure left!  So close!  I also flattened Aliana with my block of Reanimates, so that got me some points.  Here’s the final move of the match, but the Leonx riders weren’t able to take out my Carrion Lancer.

Photo 9

In the end, I lost a couple of trays of Reanimates, and a unit of Reanimate Archers, while he only had 1 unit of Leonx and that 1 tray of Deepwood Archers left.  My 5 objective tokens earned me a whopping 100 points to his 60, putting me 40 points ahead.  I ended up scoring an 8-3 win, but I forgot to double check his calculations, and I later realized he forgot to count the points I got for his archers, which would have put me at a 9-2.  Bummer.  Since he was pretty new, and it wouldn’t have affected seeding in the tournament, I don’t mind all that much.  It does bring up a good point: the tournament regulations specify that you are supposed to calculate how much of your opponent’s units you destroyed, though it’s easier for them to do it because they know their army so well.  Double checking one another’s math isn’t a bad way to go.

Round 2

Deployment: Careful Approach

Objective: Demoralize Their Forces

Brian’s Army:

Kari Wraithstalker [32]
– Fortuna’s Dice [6]
TOTAL [38]
Rune Golems (2 trays) [28]
– Wind Rune [6]
TOTAL [34]
Heavy Crossbowmen (3 trays) [27]
– Rank Discipline [4]
– Wind Rune [6]
Spearmen (6 trays) [40]
– Visored Helms [7]
TOTAL [47]
Oathsworn Cavalry (4 trays) [34]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Raven Tabards [2]
TOTAL [42]


Daqan starting positions.

Photo 10

Waiqar starting positions.

Photo 11

This was the most intense game of no action I have ever played.  The terrain was spread out across Brian’s edge of the table, so I basically assumed that we would all be meeting in the middle; not so.  He slid his Rune Golems along his edge of the table using Wind Rune, hoping to get behind my army.  Fortunately for me, it was almost always a single Natural Rune each round, so he didn’t get far.  Kari scooted along with the Rune Golems to give them some ranged support.  The rest of our forces were arrayed in battle lines facing each other down, neither one risking the first advance, knowing it would open our flanks.

Photo 14

Seeing the Rune Golems’ plan, I knew I had to act.  I performed a risky wheel maneuver with my 12 trays of Reanimates and landed right between to the two sets of spikes, with less than a centimeter on either side. I had them!

Photo 15

Next round, he was player 1, and there were 4 Unstable Runes, so I dialed in a melee attack with my Reanimates, knowing he’d charge me.  Alas, he mistook his dial and did another Wind Rune, shifting backwards.  Curses!  He got it right the next round, and we destroyed a Rune Golem figure in two consecutive rounds, rolling 12 damage, then 16 damage. Kari, of course, did not stand idly by, unleashing volley after volley on the undead soldiers.

Meanwhile, one of my Carrion Lancers collided with his Crossbowmen to prevent their ranged attack.  It worked, but before it could attack the next round, the Crossbowmen killed him in one mighty melee swing.  Ouch. The other Carrion Lancers kept blighting his Oathsworn, making them hesitant to engage.  His Spearmen tried to knick the edge of my Carrion Lancer that had been engaged with the Crossbowmen, but they missed, and flew right into the sights of my Reanimate Archers.  It wasn’t long before they were down to 2 trays.  The Oathsworn tried to get a charge in at the end, but they fell short, and my Reanimates reformed to line up a charge on Kari, but time was up.

Photo 16

Totaling points, I destroyed 52 points of his army, while he destroyed 48 of mine. Not a single flanking charge was executed, and I won by a mere 4 points, for a 6-5 win.  I’m now at 14 tournament points, and top of the rankings.

Round 3

Deployment: Standoff

Objective: Bounty

Jason’s army:
Aymhelin Scions (6 trays) [62]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Raven Tabards [2]
– Vicious Roots [3]
TOTAL [73]
Deepwood Archers (6 trays) [42]
– Dispatch Runner [7]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Rallying Starling [4]
– Simultaneous Orders [2]
– Support Aymhelin Scion [4]
TOTAL [65]
Leonx Riders (6 trays) [40]
– Aliana of Summersong [12]
– Raven Tabards [2]
– Column Tactics [4]
TOTAL [58]


This was a tough one, mostly because Jason is just really good at this game, and is generally accepted as the best player in our group. I nominated my Reanimates as the bounty unit, while he nominated his Deepwood Archers. I knew I’d never catch them, so I just had to focus on keeping my Reanimates safe.

Photo 18

I saw a great opportunity to wheel into the flank of his Scions – but the Deepwood Archers sniped my Aggressive Drummer!  And then he used Vicious Roots to immobilize my Reanimates!

Photo 21

That was about round 4, I think, and the rest of the game I was just trying to stop the bleeding, and preserve points.  He destroyed everything except 4 trays of Reanimates, and 1 tray of Reanimate Archers.  I destroyed only 2 trays each of Leonx Riders and Scions.

Photo 22

After that horrible round with my Reanimates, they basically did a one shift backwards, then Rally and +1 defense the rest of the match.  It wasn’t the best way to end the tournament, but my Bounty unit was able to survive two ranged units with 3 threat each, and a sideways charge from his Leonx Riders.

Photo 25

So he destroyed 142 points of my army, while I destroyed 30 points of his army, 112 point differential, and a 9-2 win for him, and 1st place in the tournament.  In hindsight, I should have held my Reanimates back and reformed when I saw which direction the Leonx Riders were coming in from.  We probably could have wiped out that whole unit, while staying relatively safe from his ranged units. When his Scions closed into range, my Archers could lock them down with blight.  This was only my fourth game against elves, so I still have a lot to learn.

Closing remarks

Our TO ended up doing 2 rounds of swiss, and then a cut to top 2, which was different, but it also means I don’t know what everybody else’s tournament points were.  One guy left early, and the remaining players had to quit their round 3 match half way through in order to make room for other gamers in the store.  Lame.  That means I ended up 2nd place, which is the best I’ve ever done in a Runewars League or tournament.

There were plenty of prizes to go around, and the TO (who also played) gave his second range ruler to the 5th place player, so we all went home with awesome prizes.  In addition to the wooden range ruler, I also got the wooden Overgrowth tokens; a plastic, spotgloss Aymhelin Scions unit card; and three copies of the extended art Reanimates unit card – and you’d better believe I have plans to run all three Reanimates cards in an upcoming league match!

I think the army I ran is good, but it takes a lot of tight work getting the initiatives right if you intend to keep everybody close enough to the Ardus block of Reanimates to lend their abilities, while also pulling their own weight.  In the end 6 units is an awful lot to play with, so I’m looking forward to going back down to 4 or 5 units for my next few games.

3-wide ranged units are unexpectedly deadly.  Like, really deadly.  I’m not quite sure how to approach them.  They ate up my Lancers, and they can reliably snipe out key figure upgrades.  I thought my own Archers would be able to lock them down, but they have to time it perfectly to get a shot off, otherwise they get killed as fast as the Carrion Lancers, and I just didn’t have the positioning advantage to pull that off.  I’ll keep mulling it over.

Thanks for reading!

2018 Around the Table Store Championship

Hello Rune Warriors,

I thought everyone out there might be interested in some battle reports from our store championship held last night (2/3).  We had a bunch of fun and I ended up taking some pictures so away we go!

Firstly we had 4 of the 6 people we were expecting to show up.  The store owner let us decide if we were going to do two or three rounds and since 1 of us works third shift we decided to only do 2 rounds.

I was really tempted to bring my take on Ben’s 9 dial list, but I decided in the end not to because I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up to flesh rippers.  So I once again played Latari Elves and my list was:

Aaron Latari (198/200)

Maegan (36)

Aliana Summersong (33, 44 total)

-> Packleader Spear (8)

-> Ambush Preditor (3)

2 Leonx Riders (2 tray 18, 22 total)

-> Rank Discipline (4)

2 Aymehelin Scions (1 tray 14, 17 total)

-> Vicious Roots (3)

Deepwood Archers (4 tray 30, 37 total)

->Tempered Steel (3)

->  Hunter’s Guile (4)

-> Verdant Sorceress (3)

For my first match I was paired up with friend of the show Carson from meeples games.  Carson and I have had some serious heavy weight battles in the past with a lot of death, so this was kinda like seeing the final table round 1.  Carson ran:

Carson Daqan (200/200)

4 Oathsworn Cavalry (2 tray 20, 24 total)

-> Rank Discipline (4)

Kari Wraithstalker (32, 38 total)

-> Fortuna’s Dice (6)

Deepwood Archers (2 tray 17, 24 total)

->Fire Rune

Spearmen (6 tray 40, 42 Total)

->Marching Coricen

The first round we played Supply Raid on Hammer and Anvil.  I was in the hammer.  We played with the Latari Memorial, Crumbling Wall, and Fae-Infested Glade.  I overgrew the Memorial and the Glade with my Sorceress.


With the way the terrain layed out the majority of the supplies were laid to the middle left side of the board (from my perspective).  I knew this was going to make a heck of a battle in the middle and I actually wanted that.  If I could draw his cavalry into the middle I could immobilize them at the opportune moment with Vicious Roots and do my best to gun them down with 2 Scions, my archers and Maegan.

Suffice it to say it didn’t quite happen that way.  I turned into a very cautious chess match.  Carson spent the first turn mostly gaining inspiration, and  I took the opportunity to shift into better positions for sniping.

The second round he came in with his cavalry on the 4 forward 2 boost but ended up just short.  He ended up getting the alpha strike on my central Leonx with Kari (1 survived and amazingly made it to the end of the game!).

Turn 3 I ended up punishing his mistake and taking his cavalry unit with one shot from my flanking Leonx riders.  We ended up getting in quite a good volley archer to archer (to trees) as his Deepwood Archers and Mine traded shots.  He used this opportunity to take his spearmen sweeping through the middle and picked up 2 crates.

His left flanking cavalry ended up in the Crumbling Wall and unfortunately for me he was able to arc dodge my left side tree and I couldn’t get him with the roots.

He ended up squeezing my archers and taking them out, but not before I got his and Aliana got another unit of cavalry off the board.  I was hoping to save Aliana for Kari, but he never put Kari in harms way.

We ended up going to time in round 6 (like I said it was a chess match and probably one of the more intense planning phase games I’ve been in).  I ended up murdering 82 points of his army vs 75 of mine being murdered.  Yay!… right?  not so much actually he picked up 4 crates to my 2 and ended up pulling out the victory 7-4.

On the other end of the Table it looked like Ryan and Andrew had no thoughts of a careful dance and just went in and destroyed each other.   After a furious match of punch – counter punch Ryan ended up winning 10-1.

For those interested Ryan ran:

Ryan Uthuk Y’llan (199/200)

Ravos (40, 43 total)

-> Insatiable Hunger (3)

Berserkers (9 Trays 50, 68 total)

->Cacophony Reaver (6)

->Shield Wall (5)

->Front line Spined Thresher (7)

Spined Threshers (2 Trays, 28)

Flesh Rippers (4 Tray 38)

Flesh Rippers (2 Tray 22

Standings after round 1:

Ryan – 10

Carson – 7

Aaron – 4

Andrew -1

Round 2 I played Andrew and I felt a bit bad for him.  He was only able to muster an army of 178 points, so he had a heck of a bid but less firepower than everyone else.  Andrew ran:

Andrew Waiqar (178/200)

Ardus (37, 47 total)

-> Duskblade (8)

->Ancient Technique (2)

2x Reanimate Archers (2 Tray 18, 31 total)

->Fire Rune (7)

->Combat Ingenuity (6)

Carrion Lancer(1 Tray 15)

Reanimates (6 Tray 35, 54 total)

->Necromancer (3)

->Front Line Carrion Lancer (5)

-> Blighted Vexillum Bearer (3)

->Aggressive Drummer (5)

->Lingering Dead (3)


We ended up playing Demoralize Their Forces on Careful Approach.  The game went pretty straight forward.  We came at each other diagonally as seen in the picture above.  I was able to Hunter’s Guile all game since I marched my archers along the wildroot patch and the swamp.

In round 6 Aliana ended up taking our Ardus with a single charge which was good.  The game was a match of attrition.  He got the unit of Leonx on the bottom of the picture, while the Leonx on the top never were able to get into the fight due to some misdeployment, and over conservatism on my part.

Unfortunately giving a 22 point bid doesn’t leave you with much firepower and I was able to get everything except his single Carrion Lancer for a 9-2 victory.

On the other side of the board Carson was able to outlast Ryan, also for a 9-2 victory.  Turns out humans really can do well.


Sorry for the weird angle, but here is them pre-deployment.

Final Tournament Standings:

Carson 16 Points

Aaron 13 Points

Ryan 12 Points

Andrew 3 PointsTrophy Presentation

I wasn’t mad at all to present the trophy to Carson, he did very well and earned a well fought victory with what some consider the “vanilla” faction.

Congratulations Carson!  See you at Regionals!





Tournament Final Battle Report!


Hey Rune Warriors!

Josh and I just played in a very fun tournament at Around the Table Gamer Pub in Lynnwood, Washington.  Around the Table is one of my favorite places to game.  They have a great atmosphere, good food, and a very friendly staff to boot.  Special thanks to Tim for hosting us and making room for us on a busy Sunday.

I am writing this report because Josh and I just happened to meet in the final table and I thought I should update how our little rivalry is going (no matter what happens to day, still not very well for me).

I was playing a variation of my MSU cavalry list.  It has Kari with Fortunas Dice, 6 trays of spearmen with Rallying Cornicen, Citadel Weapons Master and Master Crafted weapons, 3 units of 2 trays of Oathsworn Cavalry with Rank Discipline and 2 trays of Deepwood Archers with Fire Rune (some idiots would try Moment of inspiration, but don’t do that because MoI is only usable on melee attacks, I might be that idiot).

Josh ran an interesting Josh list (the more we get content up the more you will realize Josh runs special lists).  He had 4 trays of Golems with Terrifying Heraldry, Hawthore with Might of Daqan and Sheild of Margath, 4 trays of Oathsworn Cavarly with Tempered Steel, Raven Tabards, and Rank Discipline, and 6 Trays of Spearmen with Citadel Weapons Master, Trumpets, and Tempered Steel.  He used Hawthorne to reform his Oathsworn Cavalry to 4 threat and 1 deep.


As you can see we played Break Their Defenses on Hammer and Anvil.  We used the Stronghold, Rocky Outcrop and Dimoran Fissure as terrain for this match.


Heres a look at the first blood taken in the match.  I used the stronghold to shelter my elves and jumped in and used the fire rune to put the first damage on Hawthorne.  Hawthore got me back, but thanks to the extra defense I only lost 2 archers all day.

Other than that the first round was just a lot of positioning, and rallying as seen below.


Round 2 saw even more positioning and the only action was Hawthorne charging my archers as I mentioned above.  Josh did miss with charges on his Golems, spearmen and Cavalry making them sweet morale targets.  I shifted into his spearmen since I was first player turn 3 and would attack first.


Round 3 My cavalry feint worked a bit, then charged his golem with my other set of cavalry.  the thing about MSU cavalry is you know they are lost, but they punch so far above their weight that used properly they can do real damage.  Here they took out a Golem.  Kari also gets a good shot at Hawthorne and does a Mortal Strike.  I also use some elven tricks to leave the stronghold (thank you green shift 1, green shift 1).

My Spearmen also did a 3 orange attack and used my Rallying Cornicen to take panic off of my Deepwood Archers.

From here I totally failed to take pictures, but I hope I can describe what happened well enough.

Josh’s Cavalry obliterated my cavalry, as my spearmen wore down his with the help of the Deepwood Archers and their Fire Rune.  His Golems also destroy the Cavalry they are engaged with in the next 2 rounds.  Hawthorne charged Kari, but doesn’t do enough against her to matter, as Kari used Fortuna’s Dice to Kill Hawthorne at the cost of taking a third point of damage.


His Cavarly ended up killing my Spearmen off, and then the game became very much reduced in excitement over turns 7 and 8.

Basically we ran to each others zones.  I was afraid Josh would turn his cavalry around and come after a very woulded Kari and my Deepwood Archers, but after the game he told me he was more afraid of taking 3 ranged attacks per turn (Kari, Deepwood Archers, Fire Rune).  And Golems are just flat out not fast enough without red runes and Red Runes would only be better for my Fire Rune.

So I ended with 60 points in objectives, and Josh had 40.  Killing Hawthorne though was the difference in the game.  I ended up wining the game (and the tournament) 193 to 144.

Thanks to Josh for really making me think about this weird list he put together.  4 Trays of Golems is really intimidating to go against.  And you can see in our first YouTube Video that I have already felt the sting of 4×1 cavalry.

I did learn that Kari can hold her own against Hawthorne, which was rather surprising.  Also I might even like the Fire Rune on my Deepwood Archers rather than my Wind Rune.  In the tournament I played in at Meeples Games in West Seattle I experimented with Wind Rune and it was very useful to attack then move out of range.  Fantasy Flight, however, seems to reward aggression in their games and Fire Rune does that well.  Being able to throw 2 blue and back it up with a red kills a lot of things well.

Hope you guys enjoyed, and anyone in the Lynnwood, Washington Area please visit Around the Table and have a game of Runewars with us sometime!