Painting Blog, Part 7

At long last! My Daqan infantry command Units for public consumption!

Hey Rune Warriors,

Finally I share my Daqan Infantry and hopefully I have a solution for that pesky problem where your banner carrier.  First to the pictures:


In general these guys are focal points of the army and therefore worthy of a couple more coats of highlights and a bit of gloss work to make them shine.

I’ll give a run down from left to right:

The Wizard:

The Wizard was an interesting paint jobs because he added a couple of extra colors to what I normally do.  The white sash and the scrolls presented an interesting opportunity.  First off to practice my white highlighting is always something I dread, but understand I need to get better at.  Second a I thought I could make an interesting effect.  For the white I base coated in Citadel’s Administratum Grey (yes grey!), then did a watered down mix of nuln oil and water and targeted my shading to the crevices.  Using thinned white scar ( about 50/50 water) I slowly built up white to the peaks and flat areas of the model.  I did this similarly on the beard and hair, but left more grey at the roots to create a more diverse gradient.

The scrolls were a neat little effect.  I base coated in Steel Legion Drab, shaded with Agrax Earthshade.  Then I used Ushabti Bone in a very thin mix of 1 part paint to 2 parts water.  Using this almost wash consistency I built up in 2 coats the Ushabti Bone in such a way that the edges of the scrolls still showed very dark from the Steel Legion drab.  Then 2 more coats this time with Screaming Skull in the same ratio as the Ushabti Bone.  I concentrated those coats on the edges and flat areas of the scrolls.  I think it made for a nice little effect.

After the model was matte sprayed gold work was painted over again with Ardcoat.

The Champion:

So there is not much to this guy other than: watch out for those freaking maces!  You look at those wrong and they break.  Again the white work allowed me to practice and the white was built up much in the same way as with the wizard.

I did foul up the facial highlighting a bit, but it turned out ok because now it looks like he has a BAMF scar under his right eye.  Just goes to show that even when you foul up it can just give the miniature character.

The Cornicen:

The main effect on the Cornicen is (obviously) the horn.  I knew I wanted something fairly ornate.  Since my Daqan scheme is purple and gold the horn should match, but also stand out from the gold of the armor.  So I decided on brass and gold to tie into, but compliment the armor.  In this case silver was definitely an inferior choice and even worse when paired with crimson ;).

For the brass sections I started with Warplock Bronze and shaded with Agrax Earthshade.  I highlighted up with thin coats of almost every Citadel product that was brass, bronze or copper.  That wasn’t because I wanted an effect of any specific kind, it was due to my indecision.  I finally settled on the layers of Warplock, Sycorax Bronze and a mix of Sycorax Bronze and Balthasar Gold (about 3:1 Bronze to Gold).  The gold portions are the standard Retributor Armour, Liberator Gold with an extra highlight on the maximum highlights of 50/50 Liberator with Stormhost Silver.  Again because I want the horn to stand out I used Ardcoat on the horn after the matt spray.

The Bannerman:

This was my very standard paint job.  The big exception here was that I had to make 2 new decals for the flag.  It took a bit of extra time to do because I needed more coats of Micro Sol to encourage the decals to sit in the recesses of the banners ( I describe my decal process in painting blog part 4).

One thing always bothered me about this guy though: his inability to hold his flag straight.  I forgot to take a before picture but I’ll walk through how I did this.

First I straightened the flag as best I could using steam to loosen the plastic and going directly into an ice bath to “temper” it to the position I want (yes, I know plastic doesn’t temper it’s my colloquial way of describing it).

After Water

Next I cut the flag right above the fist where there is a break in the staff wrapping.  It’s a pretty natural break and easy to hide when it’s time to put it back together.  I also cut a segment about a third of an inch from a clip to reinforce the inside.  I used the closest drill bit to the size of the metal I had and drilled into the flagstaff on both sides trying my best to keep the drill centered and straight as I went.  This led to slow deliberate drilling.  I did not want to have to do any more repairs than necessary.

Cut and Drill

After the holes were drilled and the metal piece dry fitted in both sections I glued the metal into the bottom of the flagstaff first.


Once that was dry enough to resist monkey work I lined up and dry fitted the flag to make sure I could still line up the cuts and it wouldn’t be to terribly misaligned.

After Glue

After that it is a simple matter of gluing the top on and admiring how much better this guy is able to hold up his flag now that he has a reinforced staff.

Sorry for the delinquency in posts!  I hope to get the guys doing more, and bringing you more painting blog in the near future now that my Latari and well on their way.


Heroes: 2/3

Spearmen 36/40

Cavalry 12/12

Rune Golems 4/4

Infantry Command 4/4


Heroes: 1/3

Archers: 16/32

Leonx: 4/16

Scions: 1/6

Infantry Command 0/8

Painting Blog, Part 6

I know I promised my Daqan Command Units, but I can only paint so much gold trim before I just cant take it any more.  They are done, but I have switched to my Elves!

Hey Rune Warriors,

I know I promised my Daqan Command Units, but I can only paint so much gold trim before I just cant take it any more.  They are done, but I have switched to my Elves!

I thought I should show them off a bit.  I asked Sorastro, who I patronize and I recommend you do as well, for some advice based on an old D&D picture of Moon and Wood elves and he came up with some interesting recipes for the skin colors.

As for the rest of the look I like the earthy brown and green, but the green from the FFG website was a bit too emerald and the brown was a bit too orange, so I went with some mossy green and more of a wood toned brown for the light leather and the dark leather just a dark brown.  I also did the trim in gold, and the bows to look like they could be made from antler or bone.

Take a look and let me know what you think!



Next time Daqan infantry command, I promise!


Heroes: 2/3

Spearmen 36/40

Cavalry 12/12

Rune Golems 4/4

Infantry Command 4/4


Heroes: 0/2

Archers: 0/40

Leonx: 0/16

Scions: 0/4

Infantry Command 0/4

We’ve made the jump to Patreon!

Hey Rune Warriors, I thought I should show you what I’ve been up to since I blogged last. Well Josh and I are going to talk about the first 200 point battle we had, which was tons of fun and made me want to play even more (should we find the time). But last paint […]

Hey Rune Warriors,

I thought I should let you know we have made the jump to Patreon and our page can be found at here!

Unfortunately the content we provide comes at a cost to us and we believe our best way of sustaining the output of content is to ask those of you who can to support in whatever way you see fit.

Fear not!  Our Audio podcast and YouTube playthroughs will remain 100% free.  We will however, starting with episode 11 for the audio podcast and video 4, be giving our patrons early access to our content.

There are also fantastic rewards for our patrons!  From the ‘Soldiers of Daqan’ all the way to the ‘Lords of Terrinoth’ we have offered some great exclusives for you our fans!  So I highly encourage you to head on over to and help us provide you with the best Runewars: the Miniatures Game podcast out there!


Painting Blog, Part 5

I am here to talk painting today!  It has been a while and I did promise to give you guys the scoop on what I’m doing with Kari.  So lets dig in!

Hey Rune Warriors,

Wow, it has been way too long, and I apologize for that.  With our podcast aiming to meet a twice a month release schedule and me learning how to edit video for our youtube channel the blog has fallen through the cracks.  I’m going to try to convince Josh to write his two posts about the morale deck and dice analysis soon, so stay tuned for that.

I am here to talk painting today!  It has been a while and I did promise to give you guys the scoop on what I’m doing with Kari.  So lets dig in!


Kari is getting the same treatment as my other Daqan with the purple and gold, but since she is a hero it is worth taking the time to do her wraps and tails in white.  I also did her fletching and the patch on her cape in green as a bit of a tie in with my elves (post on that later).

The fun thing I am doing is with her base.  I am using Vallejo Dark Earth Texture to build up the front of the base and I purchased Ardus from FFG’s Descent Lieutenant Pack to cut up.  It’s a bit spendy to just have a guy cut up in front of her, but I couldn’t resist having a bit of extra flavor.  I built up the front with basing paste and while soft pushed some select pieces I cut off of Ardus into the mud.


After it dried I did a base coat on Ardus, the rocks and then washed the entire base down in Citadel’s Agrax Earthshade.


After some highlights (which for a hero were far more extensive than I did for my chumps), I added some drybrushing to flush out the mud.  Then I added some of Citadel’s Middenland Tufts.  Pro Tip: Wait for the super glue to dry before you matt spray.  The matt spray with the wet super glue created the white base to the tufts you see on Kari.  So for winter grass that might be a cool effect.  It kinda plays here so I didn’t uproot them and start over, but you may not want this on your tufts so FYI.


Here is a bit of a close up.


And here is Kari at eye level.  I was actually very lucky to hit the eyebrows very subtly and get the eyes in the first shot.  I must be getting better at this painting thing.


Next time: my Daqan Commanders!  Well, what pics I have of them anyways.


Heroes: 2/3

Spearmen 28/40

Cavalry 12/12

Rune Golems 2/4

Infantry Command 4/4


Heroes: 0/1

Archers: 0/32

Leonx: 0/8

Scions: 0/2


Painting Blog, Part 4

Hey Rune Warriors, I thought I should show you what I’ve been up to since I blogged last. Well Josh and I are going to talk about the first 200 point battle we had, which was tons of fun and made me want to play even more (should we find the time). But last paint […]

Hey Rune Warriors,

Today I thought I would go through my decal application process for anyone out there who might need a bit of help.  I will use my current tray of cavalry as an example.  (and yes that is Kari and Ardus in the background, more on that in a bit).

First as shown below I’m going to apply a decal to the shields.  For the models I have applied Citadel’s Ardcoat as a gloss varnish to the purple area of the shields.


I have already used Testors White Decal Paper to print my decals as shown below.  I have also sprayed on Testors Decal Bonder and let it dry overnight.  I have cut the decals down to the size needed.


I have experimented a bunch and for best results I use Microscale Industries, Inc Micro Set and Micro Sol.  I recommend these products but any decal set and solvent will be adequate, and should give much better results than water with minimal effort.


Now I have my dish of hot water, my shop towel, Micro Set, model and decal ready.  I let the deal soak 20-30 seconds in the hot water, then set it on the towel to soak up excess water.  While the decal is soaking I liberally apply Micro Set to the surface I am going to apply the decal to.


I then slide the decal in place (or as close to in place as possible).  I use more Micro Set and a brush to move the decal into place.  After the decal is in place I take up any excess Micro Set with a Q-Tip.  You need to be careful and as you can see while drying I moved the decal out of position and had to reapply Micro Set to move it back to an acceptable position.


After the Micro Set has had a chance to dry (5-10 min) I apply Micro Sol.  This is a solvent that will erode the decal paper.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, and for those infantry guys who have battle damage on their shields the thinner paper will adhere to the battle damage better.  Really what this is going to do is make the decal look painted on and not stuck out.


Repeat wiping off the excess with the Q-Tip like with the Micro Set.  Shown below is the first iteration of Micro Sol.  As you may see the decals still show wrinkles.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX THIS!!!  This may seem like I’m over reacting, but more people rip their decals this way than care to admit.  What you are doing here is making the decal softer so trying to move it manually will damage the decal.  If it still looks wrinkled repeat the Mirco Sol application until it has that painted on look (or close enough to it you are happy with.


Hope that helps!!!

On a second note there have been some questions on my colors.  Unless other wise said they are Citadel colors.  My purple is Xereus Purple, gold is Retributor Armour.  My swords are based in Leadbelcher.  I shade with Druchii Violet on the purple, Agrax Earthshade on the leather and gold, and Nuln Oil on the sword.  For my highlights I force brighter tones by mixing with my base tones.  My purple is a 50/50 Xereus Purple with Nurgling Green.  My Gold is 25/75 Retributor Armour to Auric Armour Gold, and my swords are edged with pure Stormhost Silver.


Heroes: 0/5

Spearmen 16/32

Cavalry 6/12

Rune Golems 2/2

Infantry Command 0/4


P.S. Here is a preview of what I’m doing with Kari.  Hint it involves a descent lieutenant pack that Runewars players will be familiar with.


Painting Blog, Part 3

Hey Rune Warriors,

I thought I should show you what I’ve been up to since I blogged last.

Well Josh and I are going to talk about the first 200 point battle we had, which was tons of fun and made me want to play even more (should we find the time).

But last paint blog I showed off how I was going to do a massive batch of 8 and pre-painted them all purple to save time.  Well it didn’t exactly go as planned as you can propably tell from the time between posts.  Between adutling things I found the repetitive nature really demotivated me.  I will never try that many figures at one time.  I usually pace myself to get 4 spears done per week, but I thought I could push out 8 and it didn’t work.  Instead of getting 8 done in one week it took me 3 weeks to get 8 done.

So lets get into the process.  Since I sprayed purple (my most prominent color), I started with the colors used the least and worked to the most so that meant first was the metallic which is colored with Citadel’s leadbelcher.


Then I used Citadel’s Mournfang Brown for all the leather bits.


Then I used Retributor Armour from Citadel to base coat the gold.  This is what it looks like before shading.


After a shade and some highlights here is what my army look like (sorry their in space):


Now that I bought the expansions for the infantry commanders and more cavalry I have a bit more on to do list.  Next time I plan on going through my decal process for those of you interested.

Remember to go to the facebook page and show us what you’re working on!

Heroes: 0/5

Spearmen 16/32

Cavalry 4/12

Rune Golems 2/2


Painting Blog, Part 2

Hey Rune Warriors! Thought I should pop in and write a blog post seeing how its bin quite a while.  I know on Facebook I promised a blog post on Monday, but as it does life and adulting get in the way. Anyways I’d thought I’d show off some of my work since we are […]

Hey Rune Warriors!

I thought I’d drop back in to give you the latest on my painting project.

Great progress over the weekend and 1st battalion, 2nd squad is complete!  (Well the varnish is drying anyways.)


With that done I’d thought I really need to hurry up if I’m going to get my guys done before the expansions come out on the 18th of this month!

So I did a little process experiment.  Since the majority of my guys is purple, I took some of my purple base coat and thinned it down enough to go through my airbrush.  I use an old Testors Aztek that I’ve had since forever ago when I used to build model airplanes.

Thinning down the Citadel paint took a bit of experimentation leading to wasted paint by me and a bit more cash in the hands of my local GW store, but I finally found the right mix to spray without plugging or running.

The result is pictured below, and I think this is going to save me a bunch of time!  Now instead of painting purple and then brown, then dark metal, then gold and circle back to do touch ups, now I have all my purple done and can spend much less time to get these guys out!


I’ll keep any of you guys who are interested on the progress and give you a guestimate of how much time it saved me in the long run.  As of now the amount of purple I did in 20 min with the airbrush (less in the future now that I know the process), it would have taken me a bit longer by brush and with much more demand on my focus.

I also have the added benefit that if I miss any spots when filling in my other colors it should be camouflaged in the purple.

What do you guys have painted?  Share with the community on Facebook and let us see!



Heroes: 0/2

Rune Golems: 2/2

Oathsworn Cavalry: 4/8

Spearmen 8/32 (Currently working on 8 more)