Episode 27: GenCon Hype Show!

Hello Rune Warriors!
We are pumped for GenCon! Tom and Aaron are fresh off of a couple of tournaments and we can’t wait to tell you all about them! Tom got to play in a regional at the FFG center where he got to try out his mirror match tactics we talked about in previous episodes. Aaron drove to lovely Spokane, Wa with National Champion Luke to play in the regionals at Uncle’s games. We also got a preview article on Kethra we had to go over, because OMG the skill on that girl! We also go around the table and give out some tournament tips to those of you who may be playing with the idea of taking your skills to the competitive level.
Tom and Aaron will be at the GenCon tournament there, so be sure to say hello! We would love to talk to our listeners and look forward to meeting you in person!


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