New Uthuk List-foo

Let’s talk about the list theory crafting for Uthuk now that our options have expanded!

Tom Gall

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If you don’t play Runewars : The Miniatures Game, this post probably isn’t of much interest. Tho if you’re interested in rank and file fantasy battles on the tabletop with miniatures you might wanna check it out.

With the Uthuk boxes for all the core units now released, the Uthuk are now at par with the other races when it comes to availability. Having lived with just the core boxes and the infantry command box for as long as we did, that was sure tough when it came to creating army lists that you might want to try out. Proxies were there sure, but that only goes so far  for anything involving what the tabletop looks like.

So let’s talk about the list theory crafting that is opened up.

Going Crazy with Spinned Threshers

You could create a list with 6 2 tray units of Spined Threshers. This leaves 32 points in upgrades yet to hand out. Since the 2 tray can only take a unique upgrade and both options are 3 points, that’d take you to a 186 point total. That’s 12 Spined Thresher models, for basically going to take 120 damage to get rid of. That’s a lot. Maybe upgrade with Devouring Maws which gives the ability to remove a wound for extra staying power. You hand out panic, you’ll be brutal 3 everywhere and it’ll probably only cost you ~$35 x 6 to get into.

Will that 6 activation army play well? Good question. Low shields so crossbows and archers will definitely ding you.

Go Berserk with Berserkers

Another option are Berserkers en mass. They only are 1 health wonders but a 2 tray unit for 16 points I find as a bargain which gives you access to an equipment and heraldry upgrade. The new Bloodrage Conduit which on exhaust gives you Lethal 1 that stacks, as well as Corruption Rune which 1-unstable on discarding the top moral card to cause the enemy to suffer damage equal to the panic cost and hand out a bane depending on the type of moral card are both cards to easily slide into those slots. That gives a 24 point cost meaning, you could again go crazy and have 8 of these units running around. Rallying to refresh the Bloodrage Conduit would be a pain, you’d probably want a larger Berserker unit fitted in with a Rallying Shrieker. It’s limited to 1-3 so you’d have to turtle up, OTOH that’d give you a +6 or so addition to your damage once per turn added in to what you rolled and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Compared to the earlier Spined Threshers, you wouldn’t be able to handle as much damage being in the ~64 range or so depending on how you configured it with 2 tray and with or without a 6 tray unit to contain the musician to perform rallies.

I’m not panicking, you’re panicking

Berserkers, Ravos and Spined Threshers have this great mix of abilities to hand out panic tokens at the beginning of the game (Ravos), at the end of their activation if within 1-unstable (Spined Threshers), or take advantage of the moral deck or panic tokens in various evil ways (Cacophony Reaver, Mutilated Grotesque, Blood Diviner, Corruption Rune, Rage Spine). This is I think one of the fun Uthuk themes, they’re here to scare the crap out of you and use the moral deck to their advantage.

Ravos, and Spined Threshers come with moral effects built in. No need for any upgrade cards. Berserkers however require you to make a commitment as far as the direction you’re going to go. Do you want to add lethal (Cacophony Reaver, Blood Rage Conduit, and their own ability to off one or two of their own unit to add lethal), throw or cause a panic check with Rage Spine or Psychosis Siren), add panic on an attack (Mutilated Grotesque), change the top card of the moral deck (Blood Diviner) as well as see the top couple of card depending on how many blue runes are showing.

There are a number of directions you can go with this, but it requires berserkers and often 6 tray 37 point minimum investments to get to the number of berserkers where both a Champion or Musician is an available upgrade.

OTOH it complements vary well with Ravos and Spined Threshers.

Let’s go for a run

Flesh Rippers as a cav unit can really motor tho it’s the general theme of Uthuk. Dead Sprint staked on top of their ability to move 1 at the top of the turn before a dial is revealed can result in a crazy amount of distance, 8 max depending on circumstance.

I’ve found that Flesh Rippers as a unit are also quite tank like, with the 4 tray needing 24 wounds before they fall. At 38 points, it’s a bit more than Spined Threshers at 20 damage for 28 points, OTOH you get rank discipline for the re-roll and you’re rolling 2 blues and 1 red over 2 red dice.

Unlike the previous units the small minimal unit at 22 points to me just isn’t quite worth it, the 38 point 4 tray seems like the real minimal to go with which feels expensive compared to the prior list ideas.

You could go up to a 6 tray or even 9 tray configuration to gain access to a champion but then these are all just generic champions, and nothing unique to or benefiting Flesh Rippers. Is it kind of then crying out for the missing Kethra to then integrate with? We’re really missing some sort of thematic upgrade to give credence to this sort of build.

Her skill action to roll 1 white dice and give everyone, friend and foe alike that white die in wounds seems interesting since Flesh Rippers always take wounds given their shield value is 1. Will she have the ability when integrated with Flesh Rippers?

I feel something is coming here.


I plan to game a number of these ideas out over the course of the summer. I’ll report back on what did or didn’t play well.

Runecast Uthuk out!

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