Episode 16: The Shape of Infantry

What is the staple of your armies? Do you always build around a block of Infantry? If you do Josh has some harsh words for you! Join Aaron and Gabe as we try to talk sense into Josh and explore the value of infantry in your fighting force. We go from the versatility of the figure upgrades to the fragility those poor souls on the back rank we cover it all in depth to see what role infantry should in the armies of the rune warriors.
We also take a look at this season’s deployments and objectives and try and give a hand to everyone this tournament season to see how we build our tournament lists to maximize our chance of victory!


4 thoughts on “Episode 16: The Shape of Infantry”

  1. 6 tray spearmen as a away to deliver Kari safely into combat to use her surge ability is the most effective spearmen I have used. with marching cornicen and windrune, so they flank often and get red,blue,blue,blue.

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  2. I like the bigger question here, and that is – what can I do without infantry? If I played a whole army of heroes, cavalry and siegers, how would I do? I’m going to try this out.


    1. I have had a lot of really successful games with all single surge units and shooters . Six Carrion Lancers and four archers 6 siege golems and crossbowman 11 spine threshers Sorry about the lack of punctuation I’m using the voice system in my car. All of the siege units are all run as single tray.


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