Gameology Store Championship

I couldn’t help but think how you couldn’t ask for more appropriate weather in Southern California to symbolize Waiqar’s march out of the Mistlands.

The clouds loomed gray in the sky as I approached the battlefield at Gameology.  A light rain was falling, and I couldn’t help but think how you couldn’t ask for more appropriate weather in Southern California to symbolize Waiqar’s march out of the Mistlands.  Five of us showed up to battle, consisting of two Waiqar armies, two Latari armies, and one Daqan army.

I had been giving a lot of thought to what I should bring to the tournament.  I knew that I wanted to stick with the 12 trays of Reanimates, but I needed something that could pick up tokens in Supply Raid, and something that could actually charge in Demoralize Their Forces, so I ended up with the following army.

Parakitor(Gabe’s) army:

Reanimates (12 tray) [64]
– Ardus Ix’Erebus [23]
– Aggressive Drummer [5]
– Lingering Dead [3]
TOTAL [95]
Reanimate Archers (2 trays) [18]
– Combat Ingenuity [6]
TOTAL [24]
Reanimate Archers (2 trays) [18]
– Combat Ingenuity [6]
TOTAL [24]
Carrion Lancers (1 tray) [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]
TOTAL [19]
Carrion Lancers (1 tray) [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]
TOTAL [19]
Carrion Lancers (1 tray) [15]
– Rank Discipline [4]
TOTAL [19]


This army has a really heavy hitter in the 12 tray block, throwing 2 red and 1 white dice. The Carrion Lancers can engage well with Rank Discipline, and the Archers can support them by raining blight down upon the enemy. Additionally, the Reanimates can borrow both the blight surge ability and the mortal strike surge ability from nearby friendlies.

Round 1

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Objective: Supply Raid

David’s army:

Aliana of Summersong [33] – Packleader’s Spear [8] – Ambush Predator [3] TOTAL [44]
Aymhelin Scions (4 trays) [42]
TOTAL [42]
Deepwood Archers (4 trays) [30]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Close Quarters Targeting [3]
– ?
TOTAL [39?]
Leonx Riders (3 trays) [24]
– Metered March [2]
– Moment of Inspiration [5]
TOTAL [31]
Leonx Riders (3 trays) [24]
– Metered March [2]
– Moment of Inspiration [5]
TOTAL [31]


Okay, so I’m pretty sure he was a lot closer to 200, but I have no idea what else he had because he never used it.  His Aymhelin Scions had no upgrades, so it must have been his Deepwood Archers that were decked out because there are no other slots open in these unit configurations.

Photo 2

All units were poised to grab some supplies, including the Reanimates who got two objective tokens in their first march.  The only problem is, my Reanimate Archers bumped into the back of them, so we couldn’t Reform as I originally planned, and that hung me up for an extra round.

Early on we each got 4 objective tokens.  Then it was a matter of beating the pulp out of each other to steal supplies.  I managed to fell his trees when my Reanimates came around, and the Carrion Lancer picked up their token.

Photo 6

In the photo above, you can see that my Reanimate Archers survived a Leonx onslaught with just one figure, providing enough time for my Reanimates to come after the cats once the trees were gone.  Unfortunately, the Deepwood Archers escaped with 2 tokens.  In the end they had just 1 figure left!  So close!  I also flattened Aliana with my block of Reanimates, so that got me some points.  Here’s the final move of the match, but the Leonx riders weren’t able to take out my Carrion Lancer.

Photo 9

In the end, I lost a couple of trays of Reanimates, and a unit of Reanimate Archers, while he only had 1 unit of Leonx and that 1 tray of Deepwood Archers left.  My 5 objective tokens earned me a whopping 100 points to his 60, putting me 40 points ahead.  I ended up scoring an 8-3 win, but I forgot to double check his calculations, and I later realized he forgot to count the points I got for his archers, which would have put me at a 9-2.  Bummer.  Since he was pretty new, and it wouldn’t have affected seeding in the tournament, I don’t mind all that much.  It does bring up a good point: the tournament regulations specify that you are supposed to calculate how much of your opponent’s units you destroyed, though it’s easier for them to do it because they know their army so well.  Double checking one another’s math isn’t a bad way to go.

Round 2

Deployment: Careful Approach

Objective: Demoralize Their Forces

Brian’s Army:

Kari Wraithstalker [32]
– Fortuna’s Dice [6]
TOTAL [38]
Rune Golems (2 trays) [28]
– Wind Rune [6]
TOTAL [34]
Heavy Crossbowmen (3 trays) [27]
– Rank Discipline [4]
– Wind Rune [6]
Spearmen (6 trays) [40]
– Visored Helms [7]
TOTAL [47]
Oathsworn Cavalry (4 trays) [34]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Raven Tabards [2]
TOTAL [42]


Daqan starting positions.

Photo 10

Waiqar starting positions.

Photo 11

This was the most intense game of no action I have ever played.  The terrain was spread out across Brian’s edge of the table, so I basically assumed that we would all be meeting in the middle; not so.  He slid his Rune Golems along his edge of the table using Wind Rune, hoping to get behind my army.  Fortunately for me, it was almost always a single Natural Rune each round, so he didn’t get far.  Kari scooted along with the Rune Golems to give them some ranged support.  The rest of our forces were arrayed in battle lines facing each other down, neither one risking the first advance, knowing it would open our flanks.

Photo 14

Seeing the Rune Golems’ plan, I knew I had to act.  I performed a risky wheel maneuver with my 12 trays of Reanimates and landed right between to the two sets of spikes, with less than a centimeter on either side. I had them!

Photo 15

Next round, he was player 1, and there were 4 Unstable Runes, so I dialed in a melee attack with my Reanimates, knowing he’d charge me.  Alas, he mistook his dial and did another Wind Rune, shifting backwards.  Curses!  He got it right the next round, and we destroyed a Rune Golem figure in two consecutive rounds, rolling 12 damage, then 16 damage. Kari, of course, did not stand idly by, unleashing volley after volley on the undead soldiers.

Meanwhile, one of my Carrion Lancers collided with his Crossbowmen to prevent their ranged attack.  It worked, but before it could attack the next round, the Crossbowmen killed him in one mighty melee swing.  Ouch. The other Carrion Lancers kept blighting his Oathsworn, making them hesitant to engage.  His Spearmen tried to knick the edge of my Carrion Lancer that had been engaged with the Crossbowmen, but they missed, and flew right into the sights of my Reanimate Archers.  It wasn’t long before they were down to 2 trays.  The Oathsworn tried to get a charge in at the end, but they fell short, and my Reanimates reformed to line up a charge on Kari, but time was up.

Photo 16

Totaling points, I destroyed 52 points of his army, while he destroyed 48 of mine. Not a single flanking charge was executed, and I won by a mere 4 points, for a 6-5 win.  I’m now at 14 tournament points, and top of the rankings.

Round 3

Deployment: Standoff

Objective: Bounty

Jason’s army:
Aymhelin Scions (6 trays) [62]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Raven Tabards [2]
– Vicious Roots [3]
TOTAL [73]
Deepwood Archers (6 trays) [42]
– Dispatch Runner [7]
– Wind Rune [6]
– Rallying Starling [4]
– Simultaneous Orders [2]
– Support Aymhelin Scion [4]
TOTAL [65]
Leonx Riders (6 trays) [40]
– Aliana of Summersong [12]
– Raven Tabards [2]
– Column Tactics [4]
TOTAL [58]


This was a tough one, mostly because Jason is just really good at this game, and is generally accepted as the best player in our group. I nominated my Reanimates as the bounty unit, while he nominated his Deepwood Archers. I knew I’d never catch them, so I just had to focus on keeping my Reanimates safe.

Photo 18

I saw a great opportunity to wheel into the flank of his Scions – but the Deepwood Archers sniped my Aggressive Drummer!  And then he used Vicious Roots to immobilize my Reanimates!

Photo 21

That was about round 4, I think, and the rest of the game I was just trying to stop the bleeding, and preserve points.  He destroyed everything except 4 trays of Reanimates, and 1 tray of Reanimate Archers.  I destroyed only 2 trays each of Leonx Riders and Scions.

Photo 22

After that horrible round with my Reanimates, they basically did a one shift backwards, then Rally and +1 defense the rest of the match.  It wasn’t the best way to end the tournament, but my Bounty unit was able to survive two ranged units with 3 threat each, and a sideways charge from his Leonx Riders.

Photo 25

So he destroyed 142 points of my army, while I destroyed 30 points of his army, 112 point differential, and a 9-2 win for him, and 1st place in the tournament.  In hindsight, I should have held my Reanimates back and reformed when I saw which direction the Leonx Riders were coming in from.  We probably could have wiped out that whole unit, while staying relatively safe from his ranged units. When his Scions closed into range, my Archers could lock them down with blight.  This was only my fourth game against elves, so I still have a lot to learn.

Closing remarks

Our TO ended up doing 2 rounds of swiss, and then a cut to top 2, which was different, but it also means I don’t know what everybody else’s tournament points were.  One guy left early, and the remaining players had to quit their round 3 match half way through in order to make room for other gamers in the store.  Lame.  That means I ended up 2nd place, which is the best I’ve ever done in a Runewars League or tournament.

There were plenty of prizes to go around, and the TO (who also played) gave his second range ruler to the 5th place player, so we all went home with awesome prizes.  In addition to the wooden range ruler, I also got the wooden Overgrowth tokens; a plastic, spotgloss Aymhelin Scions unit card; and three copies of the extended art Reanimates unit card – and you’d better believe I have plans to run all three Reanimates cards in an upcoming league match!

I think the army I ran is good, but it takes a lot of tight work getting the initiatives right if you intend to keep everybody close enough to the Ardus block of Reanimates to lend their abilities, while also pulling their own weight.  In the end 6 units is an awful lot to play with, so I’m looking forward to going back down to 4 or 5 units for my next few games.

3-wide ranged units are unexpectedly deadly.  Like, really deadly.  I’m not quite sure how to approach them.  They ate up my Lancers, and they can reliably snipe out key figure upgrades.  I thought my own Archers would be able to lock them down, but they have to time it perfectly to get a shot off, otherwise they get killed as fast as the Carrion Lancers, and I just didn’t have the positioning advantage to pull that off.  I’ll keep mulling it over.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Gameology Store Championship”

  1. Frustratingly, I cannot log into ffg’s website fo several days in a row now. So I cannot answer the questions about the 3 dials list there. If someone could copy and paste this there that would be cool.

    1.The list is purely a response to our lopsided meta in the local area.

    2. The only list I had ever lost to with Latari, was 4 dial Daqan , that played pure Heavy armor and 2 ranged with everything having wind rune.

    3. My normal list is 9 dials.Very similar to the world champion. but I dump 1 tree for 2 cats basically

    4. I built this list to beat the only 2 guys that had ever beaten me in the last 40 games or so.

    5. Also a big factor is no one runs Uthuk in our area except for me.

    6. Wind rune is super strong.

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