2018 Around the Table Store Championship

Hello Rune Warriors,

I thought everyone out there might be interested in some battle reports from our store championship held last night (2/3).  We had a bunch of fun and I ended up taking some pictures so away we go!

Firstly we had 4 of the 6 people we were expecting to show up.  The store owner let us decide if we were going to do two or three rounds and since 1 of us works third shift we decided to only do 2 rounds.

I was really tempted to bring my take on Ben’s 9 dial list, but I decided in the end not to because I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up to flesh rippers.  So I once again played Latari Elves and my list was:

Aaron Latari (198/200)

Maegan (36)

Aliana Summersong (33, 44 total)

-> Packleader Spear (8)

-> Ambush Preditor (3)

2 Leonx Riders (2 tray 18, 22 total)

-> Rank Discipline (4)

2 Aymehelin Scions (1 tray 14, 17 total)

-> Vicious Roots (3)

Deepwood Archers (4 tray 30, 37 total)

->Tempered Steel (3)

->  Hunter’s Guile (4)

-> Verdant Sorceress (3)

For my first match I was paired up with friend of the show Carson from meeples games.  Carson and I have had some serious heavy weight battles in the past with a lot of death, so this was kinda like seeing the final table round 1.  Carson ran:

Carson Daqan (200/200)

4 Oathsworn Cavalry (2 tray 20, 24 total)

-> Rank Discipline (4)

Kari Wraithstalker (32, 38 total)

-> Fortuna’s Dice (6)

Deepwood Archers (2 tray 17, 24 total)

->Fire Rune

Spearmen (6 tray 40, 42 Total)

->Marching Coricen

The first round we played Supply Raid on Hammer and Anvil.  I was in the hammer.  We played with the Latari Memorial, Crumbling Wall, and Fae-Infested Glade.  I overgrew the Memorial and the Glade with my Sorceress.


With the way the terrain layed out the majority of the supplies were laid to the middle left side of the board (from my perspective).  I knew this was going to make a heck of a battle in the middle and I actually wanted that.  If I could draw his cavalry into the middle I could immobilize them at the opportune moment with Vicious Roots and do my best to gun them down with 2 Scions, my archers and Maegan.

Suffice it to say it didn’t quite happen that way.  I turned into a very cautious chess match.  Carson spent the first turn mostly gaining inspiration, and  I took the opportunity to shift into better positions for sniping.

The second round he came in with his cavalry on the 4 forward 2 boost but ended up just short.  He ended up getting the alpha strike on my central Leonx with Kari (1 survived and amazingly made it to the end of the game!).

Turn 3 I ended up punishing his mistake and taking his cavalry unit with one shot from my flanking Leonx riders.  We ended up getting in quite a good volley archer to archer (to trees) as his Deepwood Archers and Mine traded shots.  He used this opportunity to take his spearmen sweeping through the middle and picked up 2 crates.

His left flanking cavalry ended up in the Crumbling Wall and unfortunately for me he was able to arc dodge my left side tree and I couldn’t get him with the roots.

He ended up squeezing my archers and taking them out, but not before I got his and Aliana got another unit of cavalry off the board.  I was hoping to save Aliana for Kari, but he never put Kari in harms way.

We ended up going to time in round 6 (like I said it was a chess match and probably one of the more intense planning phase games I’ve been in).  I ended up murdering 82 points of his army vs 75 of mine being murdered.  Yay!… right?  not so much actually he picked up 4 crates to my 2 and ended up pulling out the victory 7-4.

On the other end of the Table it looked like Ryan and Andrew had no thoughts of a careful dance and just went in and destroyed each other.   After a furious match of punch – counter punch Ryan ended up winning 10-1.

For those interested Ryan ran:

Ryan Uthuk Y’llan (199/200)

Ravos (40, 43 total)

-> Insatiable Hunger (3)

Berserkers (9 Trays 50, 68 total)

->Cacophony Reaver (6)

->Shield Wall (5)

->Front line Spined Thresher (7)

Spined Threshers (2 Trays, 28)

Flesh Rippers (4 Tray 38)

Flesh Rippers (2 Tray 22

Standings after round 1:

Ryan – 10

Carson – 7

Aaron – 4

Andrew -1

Round 2 I played Andrew and I felt a bit bad for him.  He was only able to muster an army of 178 points, so he had a heck of a bid but less firepower than everyone else.  Andrew ran:

Andrew Waiqar (178/200)

Ardus (37, 47 total)

-> Duskblade (8)

->Ancient Technique (2)

2x Reanimate Archers (2 Tray 18, 31 total)

->Fire Rune (7)

->Combat Ingenuity (6)

Carrion Lancer(1 Tray 15)

Reanimates (6 Tray 35, 54 total)

->Necromancer (3)

->Front Line Carrion Lancer (5)

-> Blighted Vexillum Bearer (3)

->Aggressive Drummer (5)

->Lingering Dead (3)


We ended up playing Demoralize Their Forces on Careful Approach.  The game went pretty straight forward.  We came at each other diagonally as seen in the picture above.  I was able to Hunter’s Guile all game since I marched my archers along the wildroot patch and the swamp.

In round 6 Aliana ended up taking our Ardus with a single charge which was good.  The game was a match of attrition.  He got the unit of Leonx on the bottom of the picture, while the Leonx on the top never were able to get into the fight due to some misdeployment, and over conservatism on my part.

Unfortunately giving a 22 point bid doesn’t leave you with much firepower and I was able to get everything except his single Carrion Lancer for a 9-2 victory.

On the other side of the board Carson was able to outlast Ryan, also for a 9-2 victory.  Turns out humans really can do well.


Sorry for the weird angle, but here is them pre-deployment.

Final Tournament Standings:

Carson 16 Points

Aaron 13 Points

Ryan 12 Points

Andrew 3 PointsTrophy Presentation

I wasn’t mad at all to present the trophy to Carson, he did very well and earned a well fought victory with what some consider the “vanilla” faction.

Congratulations Carson!  See you at Regionals!





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