Tournament Final Battle Report!


Hey Rune Warriors!

Josh and I just played in a very fun tournament at Around the Table Gamer Pub in Lynnwood, Washington.  Around the Table is one of my favorite places to game.  They have a great atmosphere, good food, and a very friendly staff to boot.  Special thanks to Tim for hosting us and making room for us on a busy Sunday.

I am writing this report because Josh and I just happened to meet in the final table and I thought I should update how our little rivalry is going (no matter what happens to day, still not very well for me).

I was playing a variation of my MSU cavalry list.  It has Kari with Fortunas Dice, 6 trays of spearmen with Rallying Cornicen, Citadel Weapons Master and Master Crafted weapons, 3 units of 2 trays of Oathsworn Cavalry with Rank Discipline and 2 trays of Deepwood Archers with Fire Rune (some idiots would try Moment of inspiration, but don’t do that because MoI is only usable on melee attacks, I might be that idiot).

Josh ran an interesting Josh list (the more we get content up the more you will realize Josh runs special lists).  He had 4 trays of Golems with Terrifying Heraldry, Hawthore with Might of Daqan and Sheild of Margath, 4 trays of Oathsworn Cavarly with Tempered Steel, Raven Tabards, and Rank Discipline, and 6 Trays of Spearmen with Citadel Weapons Master, Trumpets, and Tempered Steel.  He used Hawthorne to reform his Oathsworn Cavalry to 4 threat and 1 deep.


As you can see we played Break Their Defenses on Hammer and Anvil.  We used the Stronghold, Rocky Outcrop and Dimoran Fissure as terrain for this match.


Heres a look at the first blood taken in the match.  I used the stronghold to shelter my elves and jumped in and used the fire rune to put the first damage on Hawthorne.  Hawthore got me back, but thanks to the extra defense I only lost 2 archers all day.

Other than that the first round was just a lot of positioning, and rallying as seen below.


Round 2 saw even more positioning and the only action was Hawthorne charging my archers as I mentioned above.  Josh did miss with charges on his Golems, spearmen and Cavalry making them sweet morale targets.  I shifted into his spearmen since I was first player turn 3 and would attack first.


Round 3 My cavalry feint worked a bit, then charged his golem with my other set of cavalry.  the thing about MSU cavalry is you know they are lost, but they punch so far above their weight that used properly they can do real damage.  Here they took out a Golem.  Kari also gets a good shot at Hawthorne and does a Mortal Strike.  I also use some elven tricks to leave the stronghold (thank you green shift 1, green shift 1).

My Spearmen also did a 3 orange attack and used my Rallying Cornicen to take panic off of my Deepwood Archers.

From here I totally failed to take pictures, but I hope I can describe what happened well enough.

Josh’s Cavalry obliterated my cavalry, as my spearmen wore down his with the help of the Deepwood Archers and their Fire Rune.  His Golems also destroy the Cavalry they are engaged with in the next 2 rounds.  Hawthorne charged Kari, but doesn’t do enough against her to matter, as Kari used Fortuna’s Dice to Kill Hawthorne at the cost of taking a third point of damage.


His Cavarly ended up killing my Spearmen off, and then the game became very much reduced in excitement over turns 7 and 8.

Basically we ran to each others zones.  I was afraid Josh would turn his cavalry around and come after a very woulded Kari and my Deepwood Archers, but after the game he told me he was more afraid of taking 3 ranged attacks per turn (Kari, Deepwood Archers, Fire Rune).  And Golems are just flat out not fast enough without red runes and Red Runes would only be better for my Fire Rune.

So I ended with 60 points in objectives, and Josh had 40.  Killing Hawthorne though was the difference in the game.  I ended up wining the game (and the tournament) 193 to 144.

Thanks to Josh for really making me think about this weird list he put together.  4 Trays of Golems is really intimidating to go against.  And you can see in our first YouTube Video that I have already felt the sting of 4×1 cavalry.

I did learn that Kari can hold her own against Hawthorne, which was rather surprising.  Also I might even like the Fire Rune on my Deepwood Archers rather than my Wind Rune.  In the tournament I played in at Meeples Games in West Seattle I experimented with Wind Rune and it was very useful to attack then move out of range.  Fantasy Flight, however, seems to reward aggression in their games and Fire Rune does that well.  Being able to throw 2 blue and back it up with a red kills a lot of things well.

Hope you guys enjoyed, and anyone in the Lynnwood, Washington Area please visit Around the Table and have a game of Runewars with us sometime!


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