Painting Blog, Part 2

Hey Rune Warriors! Thought I should pop in and write a blog post seeing how its bin quite a while.  I know on Facebook I promised a blog post on Monday, but as it does life and adulting get in the way. Anyways I’d thought I’d show off some of my work since we are […]

Hey Rune Warriors!

I thought I’d drop back in to give you the latest on my painting project.

Great progress over the weekend and 1st battalion, 2nd squad is complete!  (Well the varnish is drying anyways.)


With that done I’d thought I really need to hurry up if I’m going to get my guys done before the expansions come out on the 18th of this month!

So I did a little process experiment.  Since the majority of my guys is purple, I took some of my purple base coat and thinned it down enough to go through my airbrush.  I use an old Testors Aztek that I’ve had since forever ago when I used to build model airplanes.

Thinning down the Citadel paint took a bit of experimentation leading to wasted paint by me and a bit more cash in the hands of my local GW store, but I finally found the right mix to spray without plugging or running.

The result is pictured below, and I think this is going to save me a bunch of time!  Now instead of painting purple and then brown, then dark metal, then gold and circle back to do touch ups, now I have all my purple done and can spend much less time to get these guys out!


I’ll keep any of you guys who are interested on the progress and give you a guestimate of how much time it saved me in the long run.  As of now the amount of purple I did in 20 min with the airbrush (less in the future now that I know the process), it would have taken me a bit longer by brush and with much more demand on my focus.

I also have the added benefit that if I miss any spots when filling in my other colors it should be camouflaged in the purple.

What do you guys have painted?  Share with the community on Facebook and let us see!



Heroes: 0/2

Rune Golems: 2/2

Oathsworn Cavalry: 4/8

Spearmen 8/32 (Currently working on 8 more)


One thought on “Painting Blog, Part 2”

  1. I’ve done similar with zombicide spraying a colored base coat over a unit of guys. It does wonders for speeding up the process. Good luck getting those line units done.


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