Painting Blog, Part 1 of Many

Hey Rune Warriors!

Thought I should pop in and write a blog post seeing how its bin quite a while.  I know on Facebook I promised a blog post on Monday, but as it does life and adulting get in the way.

Anyways I’d thought I’d show off some of my work since we are about to record our big painting episode.

My theme for my Daqan troops is a bit tongue and cheek since I’m going to switch to elves when they’re out.  Basically on the FFG forums someone said if you’re unsure how to construct a color palette for your army copy the colors of a sports team.  Living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States I had plenty to choose from.  Ultimately I decided to stick close to the box art as well.  Instead of blue and yellow I would be using the purple and gold of my alma mater.

As an added element of fun I decided not only were my Daqan to emulate the Washington Huskies’ color scheme, but I would also make some gold Ws to put on their shields.  Please do enjoy the gallery of my paints.


Hope you like them, and feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!  We will be talking about how I did these guys on episode 4 of the podcast!  On our facebook page you can also see a great picture of listener Roy’s Carrion Lancer, well done Roy!  Black is a tough color to paint and you nailed it!  Also show us and the community some of your work by posting on facebook!


P.S.  I’m trying to get Josh to blog more so we can get you guys some more content to flip through, comment below to help me urge him on!

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