Release Weekend!!!!

Hello Rune Warriors!

Wow what a crazy weekend!  Sorry we’ve been too busy playing and experimenting to update the site!  Good news is more is coming soon!  Bad news is you’re going to have to see photos of my painting 🙂

We had a great couple of games Thursday when the game dropped, Josh and I played the learn to play scenario, and then I played one of my other friends as well.  After getting a taste of both factions I really like the Daquan, which is good because that is the one I wanted to paint while I’m waiting for my Elves to get here.

Saturday at our local game store Josh and I ran demos for the community from 11am to 3pm, but so many people wanted to play we were there until almost 5pm!

I’ll be focusing on my painting for blog updates from now on including some pictures, like a sneak peak of my Golem after his zenith highlights!


I’ll be letting Josh take some posts on his thoughts about the game while I’m getting my Daquan army ready for the spotlight!


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